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Ghost Town The Movie
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Ghost Town The Movie
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Renee O'Connor

Renee's Role: Little Jack

information will be updated

Renee's Role:   A detailed account of Renee's role as Little Jack has been written by DJ Perry on his blog - click here to read Renee's mention and her role

Renee O'Conner is also someone who deserves mention. The story is that I was dealing with her manager over a different actor and her name came up. I had watched XENA because of producers Sam and Robert coming to MSU, knowing Bruce Campbell from my director buddy Mike Kallio and Lucy Lawless.

So Renee read the script for a small female role as most of the major roles had been cast. She really liked the script but wanted something meaty. It was moments after I told her manager that we would try to use her on a future project that I started thinking, "What character(s) did I write as a man that could be played by a woman?" When the character of LITTLE JACK crossed my mind it was a perfect fit. Renee was called and the rest is history.

She is a powerful supporting actress in this film playing an outlaw with a motley gang and her fans will love her bad side in this gritty mountain story. She hangs with the roughest of them and would anyone expect anything less from Xena's former partner in crime? I luv ya Renee and she handled that rifle with the same expertise as that bo staff!

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Renee sent in the following message to the Official Xena Fan Club Page about her new role:

"I'm about to start a movie called Ghost Town filming in North Carolina. I'm playing a character named Little Jack who is the son they never had. It's in the style of the HBO series, here to read more

Renee will be playing a "Calamity Jane" type of role. Originally a male role that has now been changed to a woman. Previously called "Little Jack"