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Ghost Town The Movie
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Ghost Town The Movie
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Renee O'Connor

About The Movie
Director   Jeff Kennedy
Dean West (aka Dean Teaster)
Screenwriters   DJ Perry 
Dean West (aka Dean Teaster)
Production Company   Anthem Pictures (Video Distributor)
Collective Development Inc
Produced by:   Robert Bradley
Anthony Hornus
DJ Perry
Alaska Presley
Tammy Stephens Teaster
Dean West (aka Dean Teaster)

  Renee O'Connor
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Genre   Western
Premise   Appalachian folklore and legend tells the story of a man in 1846, who came out of the mountain wilderness of Cold Springs, North Carolina to revenge his fathers death. In his wake he left a Ghost town. Today, twenty years later he returns to revenge his daughters honor.

Renee's Role:   Renee will be playing a "Calamity Jane" type of role. Originally a male role that has now been changed to a woman. Previously called "Little Jack"